Adults Karate


Making the decision to start Seido Karate is a very important step in your life. We endeavour to present to you the true way of Karate, or “Karate-Do”, that is, a way to develop total fitness: mind, body and spirit. Making an investment in your personal development isn’t be taken lightly, and as such, we commit to giving you the best instruction possible.


Our introductory system allows you to ease into the training program slowly and safely. It is not necessary that you have any previous karate experience. You progress at a pace consistent with your ability and level of fitness. Everyone is treated as an individual. We fully appreciate that you may not be super-fit or flexible right from the start. We will work with you and track you progress as a beginner to ensure you realise your true potential as a student of Seido Karate.

For new beginners we offer 2 free, no obligation classes at 6.30pm Monday and 11.15am Saturday.
Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing such as a t-shirt and full-length tracksuit pants (no shorts or skirts), and arrive 15 minutes early so we can show you around before the class starts.

In these lessons you’ll learn some basic karate techniques, and get a feel for how things operate in a karate class, so you can move comfortably into regular training.


To book in for your two free trial classes, please use the above ‘Book a Class’ form and sign up for either of the General classes on Monday evening or Saturday morning. If you have any requirements, questions or concerns about these please don’t hesitate to send us a message through the Contact Us form or send through an email.


Have you studied martial arts before? Would you like to try again? At our school we happily accept former martial arts students who wish to get started again. We fully appreciate your previous experience when you re-commence training. Although you may have achieved a particular belt rank in another style, you will be required to start at white belt in Seido Karate. The levels you achieve after starting, and the speed at which you achieve those levels, will be assessed along the way. We encourage you to make an appointment to see our dojo and watch a class to see if our style is right for you.


Adults have the convenience of paying for training by direct debit (from a bank account or credit card) for only $59.95 per fortnight. You may attend as many classes as is appropriate for your belt level.

New belts and level stripes are awarded according to the number of classes attended and knowledge of required syllabus.

Adult Events


Held at the start of the year KB brings all students together to train, refresh, renew and review all their training goals.


Seido Karate is a national and worldwide organisation. Events such as tournaments and camps are held regionally, nationally and internationally and are open to all Seido Karate students. These have been restricted during the pandemic, but are being planned for in the future and involvement is strongly encouraged.